2023 Goat Sales Policy – Old Glory Farm

Payment accepted by cash or check only.

There is a NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit of $100 per goat kid to hold until weaning (8 weeks old) or agreed-upon date. This deposit needs to be delivered ASAP. Deposit will only be refunded due to sickness/death of the animal, or for any reason deemed appropriate by the seller. Goats with deposits received will be marked as “reserved” until picked up and paid in full. Full payment will not be accepted until pickup.

Allow your new goat(s) to settle in, and avoid over-handling them. Follow your veterinarian’s quarantine advice.

All goats listed as “disbudded” have had their horn buds removed at an early age, to the best of the breeder’s ability. There is no guarantee that your goat will not develop scurs.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to find a good veterinarian before bringing the goat(s) home.

Production is dependent on food, environment, and many other factors that are not in the breeder’s control once the animal leaves. We will not be held responsible for unproductive animals.

Health history for each animal is available upon request.

Bucklings to be wethered (castrated) can stay here until 10 weeks of age when they will be banded. If they are picked up before that date, you can bring them back to be banded between 10-12 weeks of age at no charge. Prevention of infection is the responsibility of the new owner.

Bottle babies are only sold by request. They will be trained to the bottle before pickup. Feeding recommendations can be provided upon request, but it is the responsibility of the buyer to find/purchase milk and administer to the goat(s).

It is the buyer’s responsibility to provide adequate shelter and fencing, monitor parasite load levels, and adjust feed/supplementation for the goat’s health & mineral needs. Coccidia prevention is recommended for all growing kids.

*We request that any disputes between the seller and the breeder/seller be handled in a civil manner. We are always available for counsel, advice, recommendations, and to answer questions. If there is any issue, we will work to make it right.*




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